When Manor Hospital in Aylesbury closed some years ago, people with learning disabilities and autism who had lived there in hospital wards were moved to new homes in family-sized houses in and around Aylesbury, thereby breaking up their tight-knit community. Although there were many benefits from living in smaller groups, it was sad for people to lose touch with others that had lived with them, sometimes for many years. In 2002 an Education Officer in Buckinghamshire County Council’s Adult Learning department recognised the personal loss caused by the fracturing of the community and set up a funded pilot project to bring the community back together once a week. Facilities were hired for several hours each Friday and qualified tutors were engaged to hold sessions in a range of activities such as arts and crafts, aromatherapy, music, and gentle exercise. The project ran for 8 weeks and was a resounding success and the care homes clamored for more. As a result, we set up MMI as an independent group of volunteers to organize regular Friday sessions in the community suitable for people with disabilities. The charity Me, Myself, I (MMI) was officially born in 2003 and subsequently registered with the Charity Commission in April 2004.  In April 2017 we changed our name to Winslow Activity Club, but the aims and focus of the group remains the same – to enrich the lives of people with learning disabilities and autism by providing suitable activities and social time in the community.